Who are you, a friend of our publishing house? You are a well-educated businessman, a famous intellectual or a successful artist not indifferent to the freedom of thought and expression, the state of minds, the cultural values.
We would like to meet you!

Join Ivan Limbakh Publishing House Friends’ Club. The members support our publishing projects and public events and attract new financing sources to their realization. Our Friends not only receive our gratitude but are also privileged to be the first to know about our new books, publishing plans, events.
We would like to continue publishing important and exceptional works, organize memorable cultural events, contribute to the growth of Russian cultural life, and we need your support.

There are several options for the members:

Book Friend – support of a publishing project (a new book or a book that needs to be reprinted)
Credits in the book, on this webpage, on the webpage of the book, in the social networks (vk.com, Facebook, Instagram);
5 free copies of the book (if possible – signed);
VIP invitations to the events connected with the project.

Event Friend – support of an event (arranged by the publishing house or in cooperation)
Honorary mention at the event, meeting with the participants (authors, translators, musicians, lecturers, organizers);
Credits in all of the promotional materials, on this webpage, on the webpage of the book, in the social networks (vk.com, Facebook, Instagram);
An opportunity to post Friend’s brand and image advertising in the social networks;
VIP invitations to the event for the Friend and for his guests (up to 10);
Any 10 books as a gift.

Best Friend – 50 000 rubles monthly or 500 000 rubles a year
Credits in our books, on this webpage, in the social networks (vk.com, Facebook, Instagram);
A free copy of every book (if possible – signed);
VIP invitations (+ 1) to the events arranged by the publishing house (book presentations, musical concerts etc.);
Admittance to the by-invitation-only events;
10 free copies more every year;
Any books at wholesale prices.

Just a friend – any donation or other help.
Gratitude is supposed to be discussed individually.

Information letter
We invite both individuals and companies to join the Club, everyone who shares our values, loves the book, and considers the results of our long-term work to be important.

Send us a letter to find out more about the program