Olivier Garraud, Jean-Daniel Tissot
Once upon a time there was blood


"Blood: you've never heard of it before" - were it not for such a hackneyed phrase, it would be suitable for the title of this book, since it fully reveals the intention of the authors. Blood is the life within us. It talks about our heredity, health, lifestyle, about us as a biological species. It is a social network through which organs communicate. This liquid is endowed with various meanings, it is used in rituals, in fine arts and in cooking. Diseases and scandals are associated with it. Discover your own inland sea. The authors, hematologists, talk about blood, citing both the latest research data and stories from medical practice.

“This book is open-ended and written in easy language, well-known facts are intertwined with stories from the daily life of doctors, some cases occurred at the microscope in the laboratory, others during night shifts in the clinic, but they all create a history of blood that is being written at the same time. with the history of mankind. (...) Blood is a whole world. A huge constantly renewing world within us, in which the new is born and the old dies; it has its own filters - cell graveyards, production mechanisms - tissue nurseries, as well as conductors of signals sometimes transmitted over very long distances: hormones, DNA, specialized cells, etc. In this world full of fantasies, myths, legends and characters, the authors are well versed and acquaint us with it. Philippe Charlie, French paleopathologist

ISBN 978-5-89059-485-3