Georgy Demidov
Collected works in six volumes. Volume 5. From dawn to dusk. Novel. The second book


Georgy Georgievich Demidov (1908-1987) — physicist, Landau student, prisoner of the Kolyma camps, an outstanding Russian writer, author of short stories and stories about the life of GULAG prisoners.

The publishing program of the GULAG History Museum and the Memory Foundation together with the Ivan Limbach Publishing House, with the participation of the V. I. Dahl Museum of the History of Russian Literature and the "Return" publishing house publishes a collection of works by Georgy Demidov in 6 volumes.

The 5th volume presents the autobiographical novel "From Dawn to Dusk" (Book Two). Unfortunately, it remained unfinished. In the center of the narrative is the family of the worker Yegor Putintsev, experiencing the events of the Civil War and the NEP period.

This is a historical testimony about the life and way of life of the inhabitants of the western provinces of Russia at the tragic break of the epochs, written on behalf of the grown-up Dima Putintsev.

The 5th volume also includes previously unpublished materials of the personal file of the exiled Georgy Demidov, who worked at the Ukhta Mechanical Plant since 1954, testifying to his inventive activity.

ISBN 978-5-6046508-5-1