Leonid Girshovich.
The Magicians with Violins.


The book of the famous writer living in Germany contains two novels ("The Musicians from Bremen", "The Exchanged Heads") and an essay "The Magicians with violins". These three texts have a bearing on the first profession of the author, who graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire and now works as a violinist of the Hannover Opera Orchestra, Germany. According to the unanimous opinion of literary critics and readers, Girshovich is second to none in the art of narrating. His novels are a rare example of the combination of the riveting plot structure of the mystery story and the complicated system of cultural allusions, quotations etc.
"The Exchanged Heads" has already been published in Russia in the bookform, but two other works, included in the book were published only in highbrow periodicals of small circulation.

ISBN 5-89059-012-X

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Design of the book is based upon drawings by the author and photo- graphs from his personal archive.
Design by D.PIaksin and S.PIaksin.


ISBN 5-89059-012-X

Size 165х210 mm.
536 pages, hard cover.
3000 copies