Oleg Grigor'ev.
The Caged Bird.


Caged Bird is the most complete collection of the verses and prose by the famous Leningrad poet Oleg Grigor'ev (1943-1992).
"From 1960-1980 passed three decades of Grigor'ev's creative life, and during this time a new type of internal immigrant appeared, who in his soul was alien to ever/thing official, despising the system and its power, but not directly confronting them, but preferring to create within his own cultural cage. The culture of streets and kitchens, has become part of the body and soul of our generation, the culture of secret protest, mockery, anecdotes became itself in fact popular culture.This image of marginality took on such significance that it became the basis for a new literature, Grigor'ev's fate is typical for the life of Russian poets". (M. Yasnov)
The illustrations of the book are the work of fotografers who, like Grigor'ev, belong to Petrsburg's underground.

ISBN 5-89059-009-X

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Winner of "The Art of the Book" Award, Russia, 1996
ISBN 5-89059-009-X

Size 165х235 mm.
272 pages,
3000 copies