Elena Obatnina.

King Asyka and his subjects.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-031-6

Size 198х245 mm.
384 pages.
3000 copies

Gerard de Nerval

Mystical fragments
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-002-2

Size 143х215 mm.
536 pages.
3000 copies

Gleb Markelov.

Russian Icon Designs. 2 Volumes.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-004-9

Size 230х300 mm.
Vol.1 552 pages.
Vol.2 636 pages.
2000 copies

K. N. Bugaeva.

Recalling Andrei Bely.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-029-4

Size 125х200 mm.
448 pages.
2000 copies

Nathanael West.

The day of the locust.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-001-4

Size 145х210 mm.
336 pages.
3000 copies

Oleg Ermakov.

The pan-pipe of the universe.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-035-9

Size 130х200 mm.
192 pages.
3000 copies

Olga Kushlina.

A passion-flower.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-005-7

Size 130х200 mm.
336 pages.
3000 copies

T. V. Tsivjan.

Semiotic travels.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-009-X

Size 138х215 mm.
248 pages.
2000 copies

Vladimir Lapin.

Tone. Selected works.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-008-1

Size 128х165 mm.
152 pages.
1000 copies

Yuri Annenkov.

A story of trifles.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-003-0

Size 205х140 mm.
576 pages.
3000 copies