A. M. Remizov.

Fire of Things. Dreams and Foredreaming.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-063-4

Size 140х230 mm.
368 pages, hard cover.
2000 copies

Andre-Marcel Adamek.

Le plus grand sous-marin du monde.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-073-1

Size 105х165 mm.
200 pages, hard cover.
3000 copies

Budil Jyonsson

Ten contemplations about time
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-093-6

Size 145х200 mm
416 pages, hard cover.
3000 copies

Elmer Shenberger

The Art to burn down gunpowder
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-096-1

Heimito von Doderer

Everyone makes this killing
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-082-0

Leonid Aronzon

Collected works (in two volumes)
Informashion SBN 5-89059-094-4 ISBN 5-89059-091-Х

Mikhail A. Kuzmin.

The Diary of 1908-1915.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-068-5

Size 140х230 mm.
864 pages, hard cover.
2000 copies

Miron Petrovsky

The books of our childhood
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-105-0

Patrick Ourzhednik

Europeana. Brief history of the twentieth century
Informashion SBN 5-89059-090-1

Roald Mandelstam

Informashion ISBN 5-89059-083-9

Roger Caillois

To the depth of phantasy. Reflected stones
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-081-2

Формат 75х901/32
(107х178 мм)
280 стр., переплет.
2000 экз.