Alexey Skaldin.

Poetry. Prose. Essays. Biographical materials.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-047-2

Size 165х240 mm
528 pages.
2000 copies

Andre-Marcel Adamek.

Le maitre des jardins noirs.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-061-8

Size 105х165 mm
144 pages.
1000 copies

Concept by Boris Ivanov

The Collection: the Petersburg Prose (The Leningrad Period). 1980th
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-066-9

Size 125х200 mm
480 pages.
2000 copies

Ekaterina Andrejeva.

Everything and Nothing: Symbolic Figures in the Art of the Second half of the Twentieth century
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-049-9

Size 105х205 mm
512 pages.
1000 copies

Gertrude von Lefort.

Der Kranz der Engel.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-050-2

Size 105х175 mm
344 pages.
2000 copies

Grigory Kaganov.

Saint Petersburg: The Images of Space.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-059-6

200х240 mm
232 pages.
3000 copies

Guillaume Apollinaire.

Le Flaneur des deux rives. Le on-Paul Fargue. Le Pieton de Paris.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-045-6

Size 130х165 mm
360 pages.
3000 copies

Margerit Yourcenar.

Selected works. Vol.2
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-041-3

Size 143х215 mm
672 pages.
3000 copies

Margerit Yourcenar.

Selected works. Vol.3
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-042-1

Size 143х215 mm
752 pages.
3000 copies

Marlene Streeruwitz.

Nachwelt. Ein Reisebericht.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-062-6

Size 105х165 mm
368 pages.
2000 copies

Oleg Borisov.

The Other Dimension.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-058-8

Size 142х179 mm
320 pages.
3000 copies

Paul Nizon.

Informashion ISBN 5-89059-072-3

Size 105х165 mm
232 pages.
2000 copies

Per Olov Enquist.

The Visit of the Royal Physician.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-071-5

Size 125х200 mm 416 pages. 2000 copies

Ulrich Becher.

Das Herz des Hais.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-067-7

Size 105х165 mm
184 pages.
2000 copies

Yuri Leving.

Train Station - Garage - Hangar: Vladimir Nabokov and Poetics of Russian Urbanism, explores the poetics.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-057-Х

Size 165х235 mm
400 pages.
1000 copies

Zbigniew Herbert.

Barbarzynca w ogrodzie.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-056-1

Size 130х165 mm
328 pages.
2000 copies