Czesław Miłosz

Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-393-1

Torquato Tasso

Jerusalem Delivered
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-391-7

Alberto Manguel

A History of Reading
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-377-1

Raphaël Jerusalmy

The Brotherhood of Book Hunters
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-388-7

Vladimir Pertz

Episodes: Memories. Meetings. Articles on art
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-390-0

Andrei Bitov

Author’s First Book
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-389-4

Dick Swaab

Our Creative Brains
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-380-1

Antonio Orlando Rodríguez

Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-387-0

Compiled by Anselm Lenz, Alvaro Rodrigo Pigna Auteuil

The end to abstinence! A book about bars, cocktails, self-aggrandizement and the beauty of decadence
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-376-4

Sebastian Haffner

Defying Hitler: A Memoir
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-463-1

Sebastian Haffner

The Meaning of Hitler
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-385-6

Werner Hamacher

Minima Philologica (Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory)
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-386-3

Laurent Binet

The Seventh Function of Language
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-378-8

Polina Barskova

The Seventh Lye: Texts and fates of the Blockade Poets
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-486-0

Nikolai Karetnikov

Themes with variations
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-379-5

Sergey Grigoryants

"Glasnost" and freedom
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-374-0

Olga Sedakova

Translating Dante
Informashion 978-5-89059-469-3

Irina Zorina

Memory Unwrapped
Informashion 978-5-89059-395-5